Buyers - $5,000 Savings on Your Home or I Pay You $1,000 GUARANTEED

Why does someone buy a home? It all comes down to one ultimate reason: life change. Maybe you want a newer or bigger home, or you'd like a different school for your children? Perhaps you'd like to be closer to family or work? Or, are you tired of renting? Whatever the reason, you know you need something else than what you have.

The buyers I've had the pleasure of serving have found that next home. Meeting you to give you the keys to your new home is one of the best experiences - one I look forward to for each and every buyer. Before we get to that point, there's a lot of work that I help navigate so that we can find - and close on - the place you love.

Take a look at the key areas below for more information on how I will support you in your home buying process. Then give me a call/text me at 480-248-1680 or email me at Not ready to talk but still want more information? Call toll-free to learn more (speak with no agent) at 800-517-2408 x1078.


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  • Help You Find Your Home

    What community is best for you? What type of home are you looking for? What do you need - and want - to make the house you buy be a home you look forward to being in every day? I help you identify those things, then together we'll find it!

  • Regular Market Search Updates

    The real estate market changes every day - new homes become available, others go under contract and close. I'll set up searches that will email you regular updates so that you know the latest!

  • Partnering with Lenders

    Many buyers need or want the help of a lender to purchase a home. I have many strong local and national lenders I've worked with and can recommend based on your specific needs and requirements. Let's get you pre-qualified to buy the home you love.

  • Negotiations - Getting You the Best Deal

    What's a home worth? Whatever someone is willing to pay for it. But what about the home you love? My proprietary market analyses will help you know what a home is worth BEFORE we get the appraisal, so that you get the best deal you can on the home you want.

  • Inspections & Repair Process

    Before you can close on your home, you should consider having a professional inspection done; if there are needed repairs, how do you handle that with the seller? Together we identify what's needed - and how to get it done - so that your home is move-in ready once closed.

  • Contract to Closing

    We'll communicate regularly every week to make sure your home purchase stays on track - and that you get to make it yours. I'm always available by phone/text and email so that you know what's happening and what to expect next.

I specialize in the North Valley, but have supported buyers throughout the greater Phoenix area; many of whom have been referred to me by previous highly satisfied clients. Call/text me at 480-248-1680, or email me at to get started in working for you. Check out some of the homes I've helped clients buy recently, too!