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In today's market, sellers can have so many concerns when it comes to selling their homes. How to market it, and where? How does it compare to other homes in the area? How can it be prepared so that it will get top dollar - and sell fast? In the North Valley communities, you may want help with these seemingly unending needs so that your home sale can be as smooth - and quick - as possible. Everything from pricing, preparation, marketing, negotiations and closing is a factor. Having an understanding of the buyers' market is like and what the agents who will be bringing offers on your home are thinking is also a critical perspective. This makes a difference in how your home is positioned in this market. These services are all essential and a part of what we provide; take a look at the information below for more details.

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  • Proprietary Market Analysis (PMA)

    Many agents are able to show what the comparable sales may have been and provide a handful of examples; we all have access to the same MLS® and its automated tools. We manually and thoroughly analyze the entire market for the most recent 6-12 months in your community for those sales most like your home - then, using our Proprietary Market Analysis (PMA), show you what you can expect for your home, and how to make it sell quickly for the most money. This is important not only to get the most attention for your home, but also helps prevent surprises later at appraisal!

  • Listing & Property Preparation

    Together we will review the homes in your area that sold for the fewest days on market (DOM) as well as the highest purchase price, then discuss what can be done to make sure that your home is also one of those. What needs to happen to the property so that it shows as well as it can and gets the best responses - and offers - from those buyers who see it? We will make the game plan then watch it unfold once your home is on market.

  • Market Entry/Marketing

    Today's idea of blurry cell phone pictures and a "post and pray" mentality for selling a home is not acceptable in our system of marketing for you! With our system, your home will be professionally photographed so that it is superior to its competition in the market. We also have access to an entire menu of tools to make your property stand out: virtual and/or video tours, radio and tv segments, emails to thousands of agents throughout the valley, as well as internet and traditional methods of marketing. One of our biggest assets is our own list of buyers looking for homes like yours: your home will be seen by hundreds to thousands of them and together we'll be ready to show and sell it to them!

  • Regular Communication & Coordination

    Lack of communication is frequently the #1 complaint of people trying to buy or sell a home about their agent. Our clients do not say that. We proactively report to you weekly about what happened the week before; you receive reports of online activity so that you are kept up to date as to who is looking at the property on the internet; we coordinate showings with you and when you call, we answer - and if we can't, we call back as soon as possible. We take the trust you've placed in us seriously and want you to know that - intentional and proactive communication is one of the ways we respect you and the opportunity of our work together.

  • Offer Presentation & Negotiation

    As the offers come in, we will schedule a time to review them and discuss the strengths of each and together we'll make a response strategy. We use that strategy and work with the buyer's agent so that we can continue to build on the needed momentum for getting your home under contract and closed. We talk to the lenders for the buyers, the desired title companies and the other agents to identify what is needed for success and continue to manage through the escrow process - always keeping you up to date on the substantive issues while minimizing the potential drama of the transaction in your life.

  • Escrow, Inspections/Repairs & Closing

    Once under contract, there are three main parts of the transaction: inspection, appraisal and underwriting/closing. A lot of the work is done by the members of the buyer's team (inspectors, lenders, agent) but also by us. We'll put together the necessary disclosures and coordinate the needed access to your home for the buyer and their team. We work with Title/Escrow to make sure their work is progressing as it should. Together we'll discuss any requested or required repairs that come from the inspection and determine the appropriate response. And we work with the buyer's lender so that they are on top of the file and we have every opportunity to close by the contract date. Then, at the end, we call to let you know it has closed and your proceeds are on their way from Title. Mission Accomplished!

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